Uniting Africa

Uniting Africa


“It always seems impossible until it’s done” -Nelson Mandela


Uniting Africa is about envisioning the future as it can be. Africa is poised to transform dramatically throughout the 21st century, and never has it been more important to create for cooperation and understanding on this diverse continent. Uniting Africa is about creating the frameworks necessairy to unleash the creative, innovative and productive forces of the one billion collective dreams of Africa.

ZiMUN 2017 provides a platform for high school students from around to world to meet and tackle the challenges of the future, with a focus on development, sustainability and harnessing the opportunities of an interconnected world. Through the lens of uniting a continent of disparate nations and their global partners, we think this conference provides a great depth of knowledge and unique learning opportunity.

ZiMUN harnesses the collective will and ingenuity of tomorrow’s leaders, giving them an outlet to investigate and find sophisticated solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Through constructive discourse, students participating in this conference have reached inspiring breakthroughs in diplomacy. This year, through the participation of guest speakers, musicians, artists and thinkers, ZiMUN aims to build international perspective in all of its participants.