Greetings to the respected MUN organisations, it is my great pleasure as Secretary General of the Harare International School MUN club to welcome you this year’s ZiMUN  conference. My name is Tinashe Mutasa and I am an 11th grade student at H.I.S, in the beautiful land that is known as Zimbabwe. Model United Nations is one of the most unique extra-curricular activity in the world, as it encourages students and young adults to indulge themselves in the global issues that plague our earth today and find solutions for these issues. ZiMUN 2017 aims to create solutions that can solve these problems, build knowledge of the diverse culture of Africa and cement long lasting friendships. However, all these goals fall under the larger goal, which looks to Unite Africa and through hard work and perseverance, we the future, can achieve this goal.



Hello students and MUN directors. My name is Hagar Sivan and I am the Deputy Secretary General of HIS. I am extremely honoured to be a part of the 9th ZiMUN executive committee. ZiMUN 2017 is one of a kind, from the theme to participators to the guest speaker and performers, I can guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience. I cannot wait to share with you everything that Zimbabwe, Harare, and ZiMUN have to offer!



Good img_5887day, my name is Salmaan Ferrand, and as the Communications Officer I welcome you to Harare, Zimbabwe. We invite you to immerse yourself within ZiMUN, an international Model United Nations Conference. We encourage you to exercise your prose, rhetoric and diplomacy to formulate amendments, operative clauses orwhole resolutions to help solve pressing issues. I hope you will be able to develop such skills to also form new relationships with other like-minded delegates and chairs. I await to see the many ready people willing to make great change.