Measures in halting the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar

Measures in halting the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar

Michell Svesve

The India  Times


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar ,formerly known as Burma, is  a small country located on the Southeastern part of Asia and is bordered by Thailand, China, Bangladesh and Laos.

The small country has been headlining many news channels over the past  years as there have been a number of ruthless attacks and deadly violence against  the Rohingya people who have settled in the Rakhine state, which is on the western coast next to the border with Bangladesh.Myanmar is a country with a diverse religious system with more 135 ethnic minorities being recognised. Though they do recognised many ethnic groups they have failed to recognise the  Muslims who have taken refuge in the Rakhine state. The Rohingya people are regarded as stateless in Myanmar because the government officially considers the minority as illegal Bangladesh immigrants.

Owing to these attacks the Rohingya people have been forced to seek refuge in Bangladesh from 1977 and they have also ran away from the persecutions by going to other countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Rohingya peoples only chance of survival is to seek refuge in other Muslim tolerant countries. The slaughter of women and children within the minority group traces back to the 1940s. The main issue is  the Myanmar Government claims that unlike any other muslim groups in Myanmar the Rohingya people have just migrated into the state and therefore the country’s constitution does not include them among indigenous groups qualifying for citizenship.

The attacks on the Rohingya are inhuman and they are certainly a violation of human rights as much as they are crimes.In its defence the Myanmar government has cited the attacks as a response to Rohingya terrorist attacks and a restoration of stability in the country. A United Nations Human Rights  envoy has been assessing the situation in Myanmar and although the country seems to welcome the idea of receiving the Rohingya refugees back from Bangladesh it is still continuing its ‘ethnic cleansing’ mission.

The United Nations Human Rights envoy says it is ‘inconceivable’ that any Rohingya will be able to return to Myanmar in the near future.Saying that owing to the harsh and unbelievable cruelties the Rohingya have faced in Myanmar ,they are most likely never going to return to Myanmar again, because violence against them can always erupt again. The best solution is to have them resettled in other countries, much more tolerant to Muslims, to give the Rohingya the peace they deserve as humans.


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