Advisory Panel

Advisory Panel


Al Jazeera


Currently Delegates are still organising their resolutions. The 13 attending Delegates continue to discuss possible resolutions to the issue of sovereignty in Hong Kong, and measures to halt the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar. In the discussion of Myanmar the chair of the discussion, Harshil Patel has stated, on record, that “ the countries of China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, are important members of this discussion.” The discussion will be looking at resolutions to stop the persecution of the Rohingya ethnic group in Myanmar, the first wave of brutality alone causing 200,000 Rohingya to be evicted in 1970. 

In the context of the sovereignty of Hong Kong, currently information is unable to be disclosed. An unmanned source has been able to provide a general basis of the situation. The commission will be focusing on the question of the status of Hong Kong as a state and also possibly actions that will be taken in 2047 when Hong Kong’s autonomy contract will end. The discussion will of course revolve around China, and what they are willing to provide in terms of Hong Kong’s rights.

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