Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council

Andre Smith
Al Jazeera

In the ECOSOC counsel began by debating the resolution “Measure to reduce
instability in oil producing nations,” which was under the topic “Instability in oil
producing nations.” This resolution encourages nations to try reduce the use and
dependency of oil and rather invest into other forms of energy and income, such
as: wind, solar, hydro etc. The main submitter of this resolution is the Delegate of
Brazil and the Co-submitters are: Ghana, New Zealand, Russia, Finland and
Germany. The main submitter- the Delegate of Brazil began by reading the whole
resolution and reading his opening speech.

A sub-clause amendment was submitted by delegate of Canada and was
passed by an overwhelming majority. This was followed by the submission of
another amendment by the Delegate of Saudi Arabia to scrap clause 1 from the
resolution. The delegate felt it was unnecessary and irrelevant as she felt like
clause 6 is similar so by having a clause that repeats itself it will have no impact
on the matter and rather waste time. The Delegate of Ghana took the floor to
speak against the amendment as the delegate wanted to keep clause 1 in the
resolution. Ghana was one of the submitters of the resolution, so she was trying
hard to reject the amendment. It is standard policy to have at least 6 operative
clauses in a resolution in order for it to qualify to be passed. This resolution only
had 6 clauses, so if Saudi Arabia’s amendment is passed, then the resolution
automatically fails. The amendment was voted for, and by a slight majority the amendment
was passed. However, the debate continued and the resolution as a whole was
voted upon. The resolution was not passed.

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