Environment Commission 2

Environment Commission 2

Tingting Wu

Al Jazeera


After the reassembly of the Environmental Commission, the discussion of the next resolution began. Targeting promoting the techniques and use of biodegradable materials in

LEDCs, the resolution submitted by Kuwait, and co-submitted by Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and Thailand Westland, is within early stages of debate. The resolution seems to in the favour of some South Asian countries, however the resolution has also received multiple points of information.

A point of conflict during the debate was the amendment proposed by the delegate of WWF. The amendment was not passed due to an overwhelming majority of the delegation voting against it. The delegates proposed the merging of clause 3 and 7 of the resolution, supported only by the WWF and the delegate of Uganda. Many countries, found that the clauses were distinctly separate, Indonesia stating during her point of information that “ the clauses are targeting different issues and totally different.”

Currently the resolution has a relatively equal level of support and rejection, and the final verdict has not been cast on the resolution.

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