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Zimun was officially opened on Friday the 9th of March 2018. The delegates started the day by  attending the opening ceremony where they had Kirsty Coventry as their guest speaker and were privileged enough to have the ambassadors of Germany, Sweden and  United kingdom present.The delegates are coming from different parts of Zimbabwe some having travelled from as far as Marondera to participate in the debates. The International School of Luanda from Angola also graced the conference by joining in the conference. Most of the delegates are representing their schools. Schools present are Harare International School, Chisipite, Hellenic, Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse  Girls, Prince Edward, St Georges, St Johns and Arundel.

After the ceremony the delegates headed to their rooms where they began making final touches to their resolutions for submission to the approval panel. Most of the resolutions put forward in the ECOSOC committee were approved hence debates began as soon as all the delegates were settled. The delegates started debating on the topic ’Exploitation of migrant workers in the middle east’. The main submitter of this resolution was New Zealand and she gave a very good speech on how to solve the issue of migrant workers being exploited in the middle east.the debate went very well and majority of the delegates voted for the resolution therefore it was passed.

Later the ECOSOC committee had a guest speaker come and  address them in accordance with the issue of ‘Instability in oil producing countries’.Mr Philips spoke gave good pointers on how to solve the issue and he hinted on possible future outcomes in terms of the dependence on oil. He brought to light the fact that the supply of oil is at its peak and sooner or later oil supply is going to start declining therefore he highly encouraged decentralisation of the economy of its more focused on oil.

After Mr Phillips’ address the delegates commenced their second debate. The resolution was passed by the Brazil as the main submitter and  New zealand , Germany, Ghana and Russia as cosubmitters of the resolution.After Brazil’s speech the floor was opened at many questions to the delegates fired away.

The resolution focused more on encouraging countries dependent on oil to start focusing on the use of solar , hydro -electric and wind power as alternatives to using oil. The question that most of the delegates asked was whether or not the delegate of Brazil realised that these were multi billion dollar projects that required a lot of money and starting them would be very costly for many countries like Ghana.

The debate went on for a solid hour.The delegate of Canada tried to have the resolution much more appealing but realised that most of the delegates had doubts on it too.Most of the delegates voted against the resolution as it was not solid and the solutions proposed were not convincing enough.


The wrap up of the day was the confession game that the delegates played throughout the rest of the day. The confessions are yet to be read. That’s something to look forward to.

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