ZiMUN WEEKLY UPDATE: 4 weeks to go!

ZiMUN WEEKLY UPDATE: 4 weeks to go!

Sign ups for ZiMUN 2017 are now closed, with an impressive number of 164 participants who will be taking part in the event. The conference would like to congratulate all participants for making the deadline, and is eager to announce that in addition to eight Zimbabwean schools that will be attending, twelve delegates who will be travelling to us all the way from the other of the continent from the International English School of Abidjan in Ivory Coast will join the traditionally all-Zimbabwean conference.

At this time, the conference team would also like to reveal details about the grand-General Assembly (GA4) which will be the culminating event of ZiMUN 2017. The grand GA will involve delegates teaming up to create country delegation crews that will debate the topic of “Coordinating international responses to epidemics”. This event will bring together all 117 delegates into one room, and will truly embrace the theme of the conference by uniting us all.

All delegations are to be reminded that topics for debate can be found on the 2017.zimun.org website under committees in the conference tab. Additionally, the ZiMUN procedure does not allow electronic devices of any sort to be present during debate time. However, a dedicated Internet hotspot will be available for delegates’ personal usage as well as conference-related usage.

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