Committee Update: ECOSOC

Committee Update: ECOSOC

Shalom Masango

Wall Street Journal

“Tell the person in front of you something that you find interesting about them” said the Chair.

At the dawn of the conference, delegates surrounded by unfamiliar faces, different setting, something had to be done to spark conversation and familiarity.

It all started with an ice breaker game which brought a lighter mood in the room as the delegates became more acquainted with each other. The room became cheery and this facilitated a conducive environment to exchange ideas and views, that were in discussion. The tabled topics were:

  1. The exploitation of migrant workers in the Middle East and
  2. Measures to reduce instability in oil producing nations.

A total of three teams, each tasked with the responsibility of coming up with at least two resolutions in under 2 hours, it was game on. Mental capacities were tested, also those who were vested in local and international news could be singled out through their contributions that included practical and news on the now as it happened.


Watch out for our next piece tomorrow!

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