Human Rights Council 2

Human Rights Council 2


Al Jazeera

The Human Rights Commission have now began proposing the approved resolutions. The first topic to be discussed is ensuring cessation of slave trade in Libya.  The first resolution proposed by Saudi Arabia, contains multiple clauses with an overall focus on  international intervention of the issue. The delegate suggests the Implication of more UN military control and monitor of legal businesses, as some of their main points. The solution has been questioned by multiple delegates including Egypt, The United States of America, and Spain. One issue the delegate has not been able to address in their approval or follow up, is the implication of military control among other clauses to Libya during a civil war, as noted by the delegate of Indonesia. Spain, for example suggests that the increase of international help may be crippling to Libya and further support internal corruption.France has also expressed that they do not support the resolution, “The resolution, is not precise in targeting slavery in Libya and many clauses will not be able to help the issue.” Currently Saudi Arabia is supported by Co-Submitters Libya, and Iran. Tension between the submitters and a small majority of the delegation, including Spain, France, and Indonesia, who support that the resolution should be scrapped.

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