Day 1: General Assembly

Day 1: General Assembly

Reporters: Maya Djakovic (BBC) and Thandeka Mangwiro (New York Times)


The introduction starts with the chairs them choosing 3 people to say something about themselves. People really enjoy each other and there is a lot of laughter. This is very organized, and there is a lot of laughter in the room. The delegates seem to be really entertained by the two games that are played, Sylvester & toilet paper. The delegates are really discussing with each other How much tissue they use when they go to the toilet. The chairs are Makura Patricia and  Kadzirange Megan.


The delegates of Uruguay, United States of America and the United Kingdom have met up and started to write up their resolutions.They did lose the delegate of Romania after a discovering that she was 100% against abortion. The groups were using the topic Family planning and Population management. The United States said they are trying to educate people about the “risks that come with pregnancy” and that there are “moves that are taking place to empower women”. The United States is for abortion and so is Uruguay and the United Kingdom. In Uruguay is for abortion and it is only legal in the first 3 months of Abortion.


Though a few delegates were not present for roll call the Lobbying and merging were still very successful and that most of the group that was made agreed with each other some of the times and will help make the debates tomorrow a success.

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