Day 2: Human Rights Commision

Day 2: Human Rights Commision

Reporters: Thandeka Mangwiro & Ting-ting Wu

New York Times


The debate begins with the delegates of Spain, Niger, United Kingdom,  Saudi Arabia were called to follow the chair and after thorough research, according to the delegation of Niger the delegations that called were the main submitters of the resolutions and they went to the approval panel to approve the resolutions. I conducted some interviews with the delegate of Germany and Morocco. The delegate of Germany’s committee is the Human Rights Commision We are debating ‘ensuring the cessation of the slave trade in Libya’ and ‘addressing child marriage in Africa’ About 21 people I think that it is very emotional and it is sad to think that these issues are still happening in now. The delegate of Morocco ( Courage Kusena ) is really excited for the debating to commence, she thinks that ‘addressing child marriage in Africa is good because she finds it unfair how girls like herself and even younger don’t get the same opportunities like she has, for example, going to university and getting married. She says that she is so happy that she was put on this commission and she is ready to ‘Fight for their Right’. There is a mixup in which topic and there is a lot of confusion, the printer was not working, therefore, making the delegates having to use the topic of ‘ensuring the cessation of the slave trade in Libya’. There is a strong tension between the chair and the delegate of USA. The delegate How does donating stationery towards schools help stop the slave trade. How does stationery help education? The delegate of Egypt thinks that the use of stationery is irrelevant. Should all schools teach basic human rights? But how do they expect other countries to follow this because they may see them as hypocritical? Says the delegate of Germany.


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