Security Council Information

Security Council Information

Esme McGuire


The Security Council starts off with the rules and an icebreaker. The icebreaker was simply to introduce yourself in the accent of the country the delegate was representing. This was met with many laughs and claps, encouraged by the chair. After, the decision was made to discuss nuclear energy, the delegates split into groups to find a solution.

The delegates of the United States of America and Netherlands start a heated debate near the end of the session. The Netherlands stated that everyone deserves freedom, and that the U.S. has too much power. The delegate of the United States promptly clarified that the world they lived in was not all sunshine and rainbows, and that the Netherlands was being unjust. The delegate responded by saying that the United States should take initiative and talk to “that little snake,” or Russia, saying that they should remove their nuclear weapons, because they both have enough power to dominate the world. The United States relented and went to discuss the matter with Russia.

Through an interview with Hanaah Hassim, the delegate of the United States, the country’s opinion was brought to light. Hassim stated that nuclear power was very important and gives the U.S. power, but it is a problem in the hands of North Korea and Russia. Other countries are calling for the United States to reduce their nuclear power, but Hassim argued that it might leave the country vulnerable. If every country gave up their own nuclear energy then they would, too, but if others still have claim to it, they have the right to hold on to theirs.


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