Environmental commission – Day 2

Environmental commission – Day 2

Shaah Kamuruko

New York Times


The delegates prepare their resolutions and discuss points with their fellow delegates on the topic of rhino poaching. Before the debates begin, they introduce themselves to each other and build friendships and bonds with other nation delegates.

The first topic debated will be regarding the Rhino poaching. The debate begins with Lesotho sharing her resolution written. The delegate of Thailand refers to aperitive clause 4 asking Lesotho if the relocation of the rhinos will put them in “mass stress”.  Lesotho then shakes of this statement.

The initial reaction when everyone is asked if they disagree with the resolution is silent but the delegate of France is recognized to speak, she states that she commends Lesoto for the “superb” resolution. The delegate of Indonesia disagrees with France when she said that the resolution is “flawless”, she asks if she is aware that not every country has the financing and enough money to spare to put into the conservation of the rhinos and may put the country in bankruptcy, France replies saying “yes”.

Off the record The delegates appear confused about the topic and do not use the correct form of terminology when addressing the chairs and other delegates, they are continually asked to repeat their questions making the chairs and the other delegates frustrated.

The delegate of Lesotho becomes frustrated with the room after the constant disagreements put on her resolution, she repeatedly asks the other delegates to “open their mind” and to think like a rhino. The delegate of Egypt and Lesotho begin to have a back and forth conversation, the delegate of Egypt strongly disagrees with the clause that states “cutting the horns of the rhino will protect them”. The delegate of Egypt begins to get frustrated with the whole resolution saying that “the resolution will not protect the rhinos it will just making them look prettier”, delegate of Lesotho then asks the chairs for permission not to further answer Egypes questions.

In total this debate was “heated” and had many discussion points, we will be looking forward to the next debate.


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