Esme McGuire



The Chair declared two minutes of non-formal debate by request, and arguing broke out. A petition was passed around through the delegates to remove the delegate of Sri Lanka from the debate. 87% of the delegates signed the form, but the Chair did not remove the delegate.

Soon, the two minutes was up and everyone returned to their seats.

When it came to voting, a tie was the result, and the Chair split the House. The amendment failed in the end. Although clapping was said to not be in order, this was promptly ignored and many delegates clapped and clicked their fingers.

The delegate of Brazil fell asleep while the delegate of India and Israel were debating. This was brought to light by the delegate of Venezuela.

During an interview with Gugulethu Kembo, the delegate of Russia, with the delegates of India, South Africa and Canada, they announced that they had been the ones who had started what they called a rebellion, although it had failed. They also revealed, with much laughter, that their Plan B, if all else failed and they got into some trouble, they would blame the delegate of Canada.

A video was also recorded by one of the delegates.

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