UFO Crisis Called to Attention at ZIMUN Conference

UFO Crisis Called to Attention at ZIMUN Conference


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Emergency Assembly


The UN assembly has now entered an emergency crisis. It was announced 8:50 am today on Sunday the 11th of March 2018 that an unidentified aircraft has landed in one of the sandwich islands near Antartica. Currently little is known about the air craft, and an emergency assembly has been called including 50 delegations and organisations who are currently addressing the situation.

Chair Salmaan Ferrand has announced the following to the assembly; 

“An unidentified flying object has landed in the neutral zone “Marie Byrd Land”. No country has claimed the aircraft to be theirs, however the design of the spacecraft leads experts and governments to the assumption that it is an extraterrestrial aircraft… All attempts to approach the area have been unsuccessful, with reports of scientific crews in the nearby ice-core sampling stations feeling an unexplained sense of dread; and they have made a unilateral decision to turn back and cordon off a 10 kilometre area around the object.” 

6 organisations have been called in alert of the crisis including the UNCSTD, the UNOOSA, NATO, The African Union, The South American Defence Council, and The Emergency Council of Cultural Perspective. 

Delegates have been instructed to create directives to address the situation. With various opinions on how to target the situation. Unfortunately further information can not be disclosed at this time. Updates will continue on the conference in coordination with the authorities of chairs Reena Said, Salmaan Ferrand, Panashe Mongezi, and David Ulicny.

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