Human Rights Council Update

Human Rights Council Update


Al Jazeera


During the afternoon conference today, the delegates of Spain put forth their resolution towards child marriage in Africa. With minor modifications the resolution has been passed with an overwhelming majority. 

The only objector of the resolution was the delegate of Malaysia. The delegate has stated previously, that the government does not believe child marriage is an issue at all, and thus the delegates decision to object has been well noted by the conference. 

During this concession the delegate had multiple objections from the main supporters of the resolution, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

One example was the amendment suggested for Clause four by the delegate of Malaysia. Clause 4 although well received by the majority of the council was suggested to be scrapped from the resolution as a whole by Malaysia. The amendment was not well received by multiple members of the council.Outrage was spread throughout the room, but the delegates debated strongly in all points both for and against the amendment, and Al Jazeera comments the council for this assembly for their performance.

Congratulations to Spain and co-submitters, on the passing of resolution 04. More to come in for the final debate to commence this afternoon.

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