Ecosoc day 2

Ecosoc day 2

Michell Svesve

India Times


The mood in the room today was very tense and serious as the delegates were busy trying to get their resolutions to the approval panel for approval. People were very busy and on their toes moving from one part of the room to the other trying to get their work in together. The chairs were very serious today. They wanted the delegates ready and done for debating for they were already behind time.

An hour after the opening ceremony all resolutions for both topics had been approved and it was time to get debating. The delegates started with the first topic that is the ‘exploitation of migrant workers in the Middle East’. The debate went well very much. There were conflicts and emotional moments here and there. The delegates of Israel, Canada, Russia and the United States were the most active during the debate. A lot of good points were brought up during the debates, Whether or not to deploy migrant workers back to their host countries and whether the illegal migrants do not deserve the same treatment as the legal migrant workers in the host countries.

After two and a half hours of gruesome debating most of the delegates voted for the resolution that had been proposed.The committee had a guest speaker,Mr Phillips, come to speak to them about the second topic that is ‘instability in oil producing nations’. He brought very good points about how there is a clash between multinational oil companies and the government or  the local companies causing conflicts within those countries. He also that the supply of oil is at its peak and sooner or later oil supply is going to start declining therefore he highly discouraged decentralisation of the economy especially if it’s a country highly dependent on oil because there won’t be enough of it very soon.

Session 2


After Mr Phillips’ address the delegates commenced their second debate. The resolution was passed by the Brazil as the main submitter and  New zealand , Germany, Ghana and Russia as cosubmitters of the resolution.After Brazil’s speech the floor was opened at many questions to the delegates fired away.

The resolution focused more on encouraging countries dependent on oil to start focusing on the use of solar , hydro -electric and wind power as alternatives to using oil. The question that most of the delegates asked was whether or not the delegate of Brazil realised that these were multi billion dollar projects that required a lot of money and starting them would be very costly for many countries like Ghana.

The two admins in the room were always on their feet running one end of the corner to the next as they passing notes during the debate. Things were firing up in the room. The delegate of New Zealand received its first note and it was coming from Finland. Most of the notes were passed between the co -submitters as they tried to get their resolution approved.

The debate went on for a solid hour . The chairs  introduced a new game before the debate where the delegates could make confessions and submit them anonymously or review themselves. The delegate of Canada tried to have the resolution much more appealing but realised that most of the delegates had doubts on it too.

Most of the delegates voted against the resolution as it was not solid and the solutions proposed were not convincing enough that they would work.


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