ZiMUN is just around the corner, and this past Saturday the chairs of all committees came together to discuss the conference and receive some crucial conference related materials. During their meeting, the chairs have all agreed that in order of the conference to be as collaborative and as constructive as possible, instead of writing a full resolution, as had been asked from all delegates before, each delegate should aim to only write four clauses. These clauses will be shared with other members of the room while merging, and will lead to collaborative resolutions.

Additionally, following the chair meeting, the ZiMUN 2017 committee would like to clarify the dress code of the conference. For the registration and initial committee introductions, which will take place on Thursday the 16th of March, the dress code will be either uniforms or formalwear.

The decision on the dress code for the first day is up to delegations, and they will decide on whether uniforms or formalwear are to be worn. For Friday through Sunday, formalwear would be in play. There will be no restriction on colors, however all men must bring a jacket which is to be worn when they stand up to speak, and women’s skirts should not be more than an inch (2.5cm) above the knee. Additionally, women’s tops must be conservative.

Lastly, here is a list of all the participating schools:
Arundel School- Zimbabwe
Chisipite Senior School- Zimbabwe
Harare International School- Zimbabwe
Hellenic Academy- Zimbabwe
International English School of Abidjan- Côte d’Ivoire
Jean De La Fontaine- Zimbabwe
Peterhouse Boys School- Zimbabwe
Peterhouse Girls School- Zimbabwe
Prince Edward School- Zimbabwe
St. John’s College- Zimbabwe
St. George’s College- Zimbabwe

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