Security Council Update

Security Council Update

Ashley Makuwa

Reuters Newspaper


The Security Council is characterized by strong and delegates determined to pass resolutions, prove their points and overall come up with new solutions. The delegates began by addressing Nuclear Conflict, and how to limit the nuclear threats. One of the issues discussed was that of transparency, and how it may help assist with reduction of nuclear weapons in the countries who hold the most nuclear power. The delegate of The Netherlands brought to light the fact that transparency could lead to insecurity through vulnerability, and through this vulnerability nuclear weaponry could be built up and increased to increase protection from more powerful nations.

A clause proposed by Poland gave way to a lot of debate and back and forth between multiple delegates including Cote D’ivoire, Poland, Russia and Equatorial Guinea. The delegate of Poland’s clause included the implementation of  sanctions on Russia due to their recent violent actions in Crimea. The delegate of China and Equatorial Guinea emphasized the point that by reducing Russia and the United States missiles, would leave Britain and France to oversee it which China pointed out in a later interview that it is “infringement on sovereignty”. After the “Powerful 5” veto, the delegate China also let on that they were considering threatening war due to this outrage.

Prior to the conference, an interview was done with the delegates of Equatorial Guinea, and Peru in which they said that it was a fruitful debate, and that the resolution “tackles the situation very efficiently” as said by the delegate of Equatorial Guinea. When asked what the biggest challenges were during the session, both delegates responded with the P5 vetoes. Although in some cases the distribution of power may be unfair, they graciously accepted the result and moved on from the situation to work on passing other amendments and clauses.


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